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Нам довелось жить во времена, когда
каждый подвергается сверхнагрузкам.  
Стоит только проснуться утром, и
сразу на тебя обрушивается шквал
проблем, которые необходимо
разрешить максимально эффективно.
Как выжить в этом не простом мире?
Как обрести уверенность в себе и
преуспеть? Как найти свою любовь,  
создать и сохранить отношения? Как
поладить с родителями, коллегами по
работе, преподавателями, друзьями?
Как обрести душевный покой,
получать удовлетворение от своей
жизни? Ответы на эти и многие другие
вопросы  Вы получите после
посещения наших семинаров

You're About To Learn Secrets That
Most People Will Never Know :

  • How to bring happiness in your life and to get what you want
  • The reality of life , and how to deal with it
  • How to change bad luck to good luck
  • What goes on inside a man's/women mind... and how attraction works for them.
  • How to "cheat-proof" your relationship...
  • The ten fatal mistakes to avoid that most women make with men.
  • What to do if your man has a "wandering eye".
  • The differences in how men and women think about dating... and why
  • most men want to keep you from being successful.
  • The seven secrets to communicating with a man that will create lasting love and affection.  
  • The truth about men who aren't "emotionally available"... how to know if you've got one and
    what to do if you're dating one.
  • The five things women do that annoy men and kill intimacy.

   “Don’t worry, be happy” is an excellent reminder to always seek happiness, but the song
may not be completely realistic in every life situation. Worrying is a part of life and happiness
is not something you can pull out of a hat. While others undoubtedly can play a role in your
happiness, ultimately, it’s up to you to create it for yourself.


   Learning and resilience go hand in hand because we learn from life experiences we
encounter and then we must move on. This ability to bounce back is called resilience, and
believe it or not, the human spirit is more resilient than we might tend to believe. Resilience
means living in the present the best you know how, even in the face of anger, hurt, or
sadness, and taking whichever hands you’re dealt and turning them into a learning


   Life is scary. We never know what comes next or what direction we should take, especially
when it comes to relationships, jobs or achieving our dreams. But sometimes that can be a
truly freeing concept. Nothing is certain, so take risks. If you fail, you’ll know that happiness is
still possible because you’ll learn from the situation and bounce right back. And if you
succeed, your sense of accomplishment is twice as gratifying because you looked
uncertainty in the eye and answered back with courage and faith. Without courage to face your
fears or the possibility of rejection, you’ll become stagnant and you’ll limit yourself in
opportunities for self-growth.

Meaning and Purpose

   What makes you tick, your heart dance with joy, you smile? What are you doing that
satisfies yourself and others? Ask yourself why you are living. It may seem like a silly
question, but shouldn’t there be a reason for living other than to pay taxes and grow old?

   Happiness isn’t guaranteed in life. You have to make it happen for yourself. And with these
keys to happiness, we betyou’ll be well on your way to finding long-lasting happiness.

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